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Supporting Charter School Sustainability

Instructional Designs, Inc.

We are a team of charter school and education experts and specialists that work hand in hand with charter school boards, leaders, and teachers to help each school meet their special mission of serving students and families.

We are dedicated to supporting charter school boards, leaders, and staff in building organizational capacity and sustainability. Because charter schools must achieve contract renewals with their authorizers, we support them during every stage of their life cycle.

Roderick Haenke
President, Instructional Designs, Inc.

Our Services

We offer customized services for charter school leadership, including curriculum development, professional development workshops, instructional coaching, data analysis, leadership development, collaborative planning, resource development, technology integration, parent and community engagement, and program evaluation. Contact us for more information!

Board Development

We facilitate board development plans to assure that boards have the knowledge to carry out their responsibilities and govern the school effectively. We provide training that are mandated and that help the board to it’s work and be both responsive and strategic.

Leadership Coaching

We provide customized coaching, support, and resources that support the development of leadership skills among charter school leaders, empowering them to lead and inspire their staff effectively. We provide leadership development programs and resources to empower school leaders with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead their teams effectively.

Teacher Coaching

Providing one-on-one or group coaching sessions to support teachers in implementing effective teaching methods and incorporating best practices. We offer personalized coaching sessions to support teachers in implementing effective teaching practices, providing feedback, and helping them reflect on their instructional methods.

Curriculum Mapping and Development

Designing and creating customized curriculum materials tailored to the school’s specific needs and goals. We collaborate with schools to design and develop customized curriculum materials that align with their educational goals, standards, and student needs.

Professional Development Systems

We design and support job embedded professional development aimed at building teacher capacity, design and support Professional Learning Communities aimed at supporting student academic growth, and design and support formative and summative teacher observation and evaluation systems that encourage a growth mindset and provide specific guidance to support effective teaching.

Data Analysis, Goal Setting, and School Improvement Planning and Implementation

guide school leaders and leadership team to conduct comprehensive needs analysis, identify areas for growth and improvement, match strategies to needs, devise implementation plans, and conduct ongoing program evaluation. This is an ongoing process aimed at creating a culture of continuous improvement.

Program Evaluation

We conduct comprehensive program evaluations to assess the effectiveness of educational initiatives, identify areas for improvement, and guide evidence-based decision-making.

Resource Library Development

We create and curate a repository of customized training videos and modules, educational resources, lesson plans, and teaching materials for leaders and teachers to access and utilize.


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