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We are a team of charter school and education experts and specialists that work hand in hand with charter school boards, leaders, and teachers to help each school meet their special mission of serving students and families.


We are dedicated to supporting charter school boards, leaders, and staff in building organizational capacity and sustainability. Because charter schools must achieve contract renewals with their authorizers, we support them during every stage of their life cycle.

Roderick Haenke

Brings over 40 years of educational experience including almost 20 years with IDI. Haenke has worked with dozens of charter schools intimately, facilitated workshops for over 50 charter schools, and has worked with several authorizers. Rod provides strategic planning, leadership coaching, board training, and overall guidance to help charter school leaders achieve their goals.

Marcy Myers

Project Manager
Has been a successful charter school teacher and administrator. Marcy works with charter school boards in implementing board development plans, training, and year-long support to help boards to do their work successfully. Marcy also has deep experience with charter school curriculum, instruction, professional development, and teacher evaluation. Marcy’s primary focus is to support charter school leaders, boards, and teachers; and to guide schools through the charter school “life cycle”.

Rochel Perna

Finance Specialist
Is a school finance expert that has worked with many charter schools and charter school authorizers. Rochel supports charter school boards and leaders with school finance strategic support.

Nick Pretasky

Education Specialist
Has led and coached schools and organizations for over 20 years. He founded and became the leader of a charter middle school in La Crosse, WI. He had the opportunity to become the leader of Northern Lights Charter School in Northern Minnesota and supported the school with a strong turnaround effort. He served as the co-director of a new charter school support office (Wisconsin Resource Center for Charter Schools) that partnered with the Department of Public Instruction to support the design and opening of over 50 charter schools and the expansion of many others. He coached many charter school leaders while also providing technical assistance for authorizers and board coaching for governance boards. He has served on several charter school governance boards. He is currently working with IDI to provide professional development and coaching for charter school leaders, boards, and teachers; and to guide schools through the charter school “life cycle”.

Andrew Bocchi

Education Specialist
Is a passionate educator with excellent instructional design and coaching skills. Andrew supports school leaders and teachers in developing interdisciplinary and cross disciplinary curriculum materials that motivate students in reading, math, science, and social studies. Andrew also coaches teachers in the areas of student motivation, classroom management, differentiated instruction, and tracking student mastery all with the aim of helping students develop strong literacy, numeracy, social and learning skills.

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